The consortium has extensive experience in PV module encapsulation materials and has required equipment for synthesis, measurements, characterization, sealing and simulation. Please do not hesitate to Contact the coordinator for further information about the project.

The partners from the United Kingdom will focus on the optical properties
including doping of glass compositions as well as the development, testing and PV-modular assembly of new LIMES toughened glasses capable of delivering 1mm thin glass with optimal cell performance and lifetime.

The partners from Sweden will focus on introducing new glass compositions with
enhanced mechanical and chemical properties to provide optimal performance. Demonstration and quality assurance of the LIMES technology will ascertain that it matches requirements of international standards on performance, durability and reliability.

The Spanish partner will focus on development and application of novel coatings and
coating technologies to provide enhanced performance of solar glasses in LIMES PV modules.


Glafo AB, Sweden,, Sweden, Project Manager Dr Stefan Karlsson


Agencia Estatal Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC),  Spain,


Johnson Matthey Public Limited Company, United Kingdom,

Solar Capture Technologies Ltd, United Kingdom,


SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden AB, Sweden,


Affiliated Partner

Sheffield Hallam University
, United Kingdom,


Glafo, Stefan Karlsson, LIMES, PG Vejdes väg 15, SE-351 96 Växjö, Sweden, Phone +46 10 516 63 57, E-mail